$4,100 fine for hitting ‘LIKE’ button

$4,100 fine for hitting 'LIKE' button Think twice before you hit that ‘Like’ button on Facebook. A man has been fined a $4,100 by a Swiss court for ‘liking’ a few defamatory posts.

The court ruled the accused endorsed and shared fake information, by ‘liking’ it.

Therefore it appeared in his user’s feed. The posts ‘liked’ contained libellous comments and opinions.

The posts were written by a third party and accused a$4,100 fine for hitting 'LIKE' buttonn animal rights activist in racism and anti-Semitism.

The unnamed man could not prove to the court that the claims contained in the posts he ‘liked’ were true and verified.
The man was fined 4,000 Swiss francs ($4,100).
He has the right to appeal against the sentence.
It is believed to be the first case someone is brought to justice for an explicit endorsement of a defamatory post using ‘Like’ button.


Risking being temporally blocked from Facebook


Serious misuse

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