Despacito Arabic Version is making everyone crazy


An internet sensation Despacito-song got its Arabic version. A humorous version of the hit was released by Omani musicians and entertainers Mohamed al-Mungi and Muhannad al-Adwani.

The song mocks grumbling price of marriage arrangements in the country that are often a big hurdle for young Omanis looking to marry.

Song clip shows a father demanding a car, apartment and money remunerations, such as shabka and dowry, for his daughter’s wedding. 

Mohamed sings to the father: ‘Why do you put conditions that crush our backs? Did you forgot how cheap dowries used to be in your time?’ The original song’s chorus ‘Despacito’ is replaced by ‘you are torturing them’-refrain. 

Although the original video upload has been removed, the clip has been watched for over a million times. 

Beautiful idea and noble message


Cheering the duo


‘Be more humble and demand lower dowries’


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