Beauty Corner: Haifa Wehbe’s Secret to Flawless Skin

Love her or hate her, fake or natural , Haifa Wahbe remains one of the most beautiful flawless women I have ever laid eyes on. Haifa Wehbe recently unveiled the secrets behind her beauty and perfect complexion. Haifa stated that she gets enough sleep and drinks lots of water… ”no secrets so far!”. Haifa also added that she exercises at least 45 minutes 5 days a week and trys to follow a healthy diet without restricting herself too much from her favorite foods. She does not smoke and trys to avoid any bad unhealthy habits that ruins one’s beauty.




Haifa Wehbe was asked to share some beauty products that she can’t live without, she stated that Mario Badescu Drying Lotion  is one of her holly grail “emergency” beauty products. Even Haifa is susceptible to pimples that’s why whenever she gets a one she applies it overnight and she wakes up to almost a clear face. She also stated that she can never live without eye creams and lip butters. She shares that one of her favourite eye creams is Grassroots Vitamin C Brightening Eye Cream because she tries to stay natural as much as possible.

Beside beauty products her main advice to women everywhere is mainly to avoid strict diets and try to incorporate a work out routine into their daily activities to enjoy a normal life, because the most important thing in staying beautiful is living a stress-free life. She added that every woman should take care of the way she looks without making the idea of staying young and beautiful mind-consuming.

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