Cairo cafe: Fancy an amputated liver for lunch?

An operating room-themed fast food D.Kebda  opened its doors in Damanhour, Egypt. Employees dressed as doctors in a hospital wards-looking food hall are serving their customers presumably called ‘patients’.

On the menu – the most famous delicacy in Egypt – grilled beef-liver sandwiches.

The food is served by staff dressed in blue surgical scrubs and gloves, very much resembling medical personnel.

The restaurant, that opened in the beginning of July, has already gained its popularity amongst locals for its rather unusual look and taste.

Kebda can cause a food poising if not cooked with care, so the staff-physicians are applying its rigorous medical standards to keep things under control and please the customers.

Cairo cafe: Fancy an amputated liver for lunch?

The restaurant was established by actual doctors, who pioneered the idea of merging catering and medicine together. 

Speaking to Reuters, Mostafa Basiouny, one of the restaurant owners, said: ‘We tried to take our career values and apply them to this other field. There is no contradiction between them, we are still practicing doctors’.

Source: EuroNews

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