Celebrating 100 years of hijab

The timeline of hijab trends from different countries has been visualised by Muslim Girl initiative.

The span of the timeline goes as far back as 100 years and reflects many hijab trends from religion to fashion breaking stereotypes. It visually demonstrates that every country and epoch had its own twist on hijab style.

Celebrating 100 years of hijab

The way women used to wear hijab was often affected by such things asย wars, colonialism, occupation, revolutions and even independence.

The video starts from Egypt in 1910s after the independence movement was gaining popularity.

Celebrating 100 years of hijabWomen used to wear black abayas and a full veil covering their faces that time.

It then runs through hijab fashions in Iran, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine, Algeria and Yemen through the entire past century ending with Arab Spring fashion trends in Syria and Tunis. ย 

Celebrating 100 years of hijab


Celebrating 100 years of hijab

Images source: Muslim Girl

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