Check these remade Disney characters!

Disney characters Pinocchio, Peter Pan, the Beauty and the Beast are iconic for many.

Since being invented over half a century ago, they are still widely recognised by everyone from the first glance.

However one artist decided to give them a slight remake and transport them to our modern world.

Tom Ward, a graphic designer from California, used mobile phones, selfies, computer games and toxic waste in his touch on the heroes.

He even created a first Disney’s openly gay character. Check the gallery below.

Video Games Addiction

Check these Disney characters after remake!

We all know that ‘can’t stop-playing’- feeling. Especially when your wife nags on you to stop playing and clean the house.

LGBT rights are on the Disney’s agenda 

Check these Disney characters after remake!

Tom Ward got inspired by Beauty and the Beast film when LeFou became the first openly gay character.

Peter Pan and security first

Beauty and the Beast film when LeFou

Peter Pan used to fly to listen to Wendy’s stories. However this time he will have to mind CCTVs before trespassing anyone’s private property.

That perfect selfie…

Beauty and the Beast film when LeFou

Obsession with perfect selfies definitely applies to all of us. When did you take your last one by the way?!

Alice’s situation

Beauty and the Beast film when LeFou

Healthy eating choices, calorie count, weight loss guides, diet plans and body mass index bmi calculator…

Too busy with my phone

Disney new characters

Disney characters remade

In 2017  a smartphones celebrated its 10th birthday.

Pollution, pollution, pollution

Disney characters remade

According to WHO 12.6 million deaths each year are attributable to unhealthy environments.

80s reloaded

Disney characters remade

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Images: Tom Ward Twitter account



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