Don’t speak Arabic… please!

Don't speak Arabic... please! An Israeli Civil rights association had launched a campaign against the exclusion of the Arabic language after it received multiple complaints from across the country on attempts to exclude the language.

In one case in Be’er Sheva, Arabic was removed from digital information signs on buses, after Jewish Israelis complained.

In other instances, workers were asked not to speak Arabic at their place of work, despite the fact it is one of Israel’s official languages.

Arabic is an official language in Israel.

However its status is currently debated in Knesset, Israeli Parliament. The parliamentarians proposed a bill that enshrines Israel as a Jewish state.

The aim is to reinforce a Jewish character of the state with Hebrew as an official language, Jerusalem as a capital and Arabic to have a special status.

That will effectively mean a reconsideration of Arabic as an official language-status.

According to Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS), there are about 2.7 million Palestinians live in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, in addition to 1.7 million in the Gaza Strip.

Whereas Israel claims there are only 1.4 million Arabs live in Israel in total.


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Don't speak Arabic... please!

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Don't speak Arabic... please!

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Don't speak Arabic... please!

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