Egyptians discovered Laughter Yoga and they love it!

An Egyptian private-sector centre is hosting a session under ‘Laughter Yoga’.

According to the organisers this type of yoga represents a ‘powerful exercise and routine and a complete wellbeing workout’.


Source: Bassem Sabry

It is meant to change the biochemical set-up of the body in minutes. It’s easy and it’s fun. According to the principal trainer of the course: ‘you will laugh a lot, learn some facts about ‘Laughter Yoga’, its benefits and history.

At the end you can let go of any tension that was not released by laughing through ‘Yoga Nidra’ – the ancient Indian art of relaxing all muscles from top to toe.’

Benefits include: improved mood, enhanced immune system, better mental focus, quicker recovery time, better sleep quality, more confidence, increased social competence and many more.


‘Laughter Yoga’ is a combination of deep yogic breathing and playful laughter exercises.
The main principle of the practise is that as long as you are willing to laugh you get the same psychological and physiological benefits of laughter. Human body doesn’t distinguish between spontaneous and voluntary laughter.
The move became popular in mid 1990s and attracted thousands of followers.
 Egyptians discovered Laughter Yoga and they love it!
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