Fantastic story of blind Iraqi refugee graduated from Cambridge

Fantastic story of a blind Iraqi boy who graduated from Cambridge

A blind Iraqi boy whose family took a refuge in UK in 1995 successfully graduated from Cambridge.

Allan Hennessy, 22, has completed his law degree in the top university in the world with flying colours.

He arrived in the UK  over 20 years ago from war-torn Iraq, ruled then by Saddam Hussain.

He was born completely blind and had grim prospects ahead of him back home, because Iraq simply didn’t have enough eye specialists to revive his sight at that time.

However when an opportunity came to leave the country, his family jumped on it.

They sold everything little they possessed to leave Iraq.

After he moved to London aged 6 months, local doctors managed to partially restore Allan’s sight on one eye only.

So since then he says he ‘has been rocking on with the little sight’ he has. 

Fantastic story of blind Iraqi refugee graduated from Cambridge

Source: Allan Hennessy/Facebook

He defines himself as a blind Muslim refugee who grew up on a London council flat. 

Being always defiant in the face of his disability Allan says he never felt different to other kids.

He always wanted to drive cars. He tried bungee jumping, skydiving, scaffolding and even went backpacking around the world.

allan hennessy for Arab london

Source: Allan Hennessy/Twitter

However his biggest achievement was graduating with a first class Law degree from the Cambridge University. 

Speaking to the BBC about his fist days in Cambridge, he recalls: ‘I was sitting in a library and I had my book up to my face. And someone said to me: ‘Are you smelling the book?’ I said, no I am just reading it with my nose’.


Breaking free from labels and stereotypes became Allan’s goal, which he successfully achieved. 

‘When you leave your lane, you are treated with negativity and scorn. You receive a lot of hatred for what you do, but all you’re doing is what ‘normal’ people are doing,’ he says.


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