Guess what country runs women-only ambulance?

Following Pakistan, Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) is launching the very first women-only ambulance service.


Guess what country runs women-only ambulance?


The service is operating in pink vehicles and staffed with women for women only.

The first of its kind it will run 12 hours a day and will be responding to emergency treatment for women only, including maternity and delivery issues.

Currently ambulance in the Gulf are serviced by both men and women doctors, however hospitals provide separate sex-wards.


Guess what country runs women-only ambulance?


It is not the first initiative to create a women-only services in Muslim countries.


Pakistan launched so-called pink taxi or ‘Paxi’, a women only taxi service.

The service is designed to protects its females customers from wide spread sexual harassment when travelling in the country. The taxi drivers wear a pink scarf and a black coat and employ house wives, young women and students.

The UAE also launched a similar fleet of pink taxis, designated for women and young children in 2006.


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