Jordan: tougher sentences for ‘honour killings’

Jordanian lawmakers finally closed a legal loophole allowing light penalties for so-called ‘honour killings’ in the country.
State agency Petra  reported that the Jordanian  Parliament will no longer consider ‘severe anger’ a mitigating factor for men who kill a female relative to protect a ‘family honour’.

This amendment still needs to be approved by the Upper House of the Parliament, which is seen as a formality. 
The country has seen cases were sentences given for ‘honour killings’ were as little as 6 months.

Many activists praised the decision as a great step forward towards gender equality in the country.
However it is not the only law to be amended to protect women’s rights in Jordan.
The lawmakers are also expected to repeal an article that enables rapists to escape prison if they marry their victims.  

Jordan: 'Honour killers' will get tougher sentences

A hashtag #جريمة308 or #crime308 (referring to Article 308 about ‘honour killings’) has been widely shared on social media to support the decision of the Parliament. Online petition demanding tougher sentences for those convicted has gained over 3,000 signatures. 


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