Kuwait: Expats should leave after 10 years

Kuwait: Expats should leave after 10 years

Kuwaiti lawmakers are calling to introduce a 10-year cap on all the expats working in the country. Kuwait has been long pushing to set up laws regulating country’s massive presence of foreigners.

Kuwait’s population is around 4 million people, 70% of which are foreigners including 1.1 million Arab and 1.4 million Asian expatriates.

Kuwait: Expats should leave after 10 yearsThe numbers are toppled with a lot of Bedouins living illegally for decades in the country.

In 2013 Kuwait finally passed the law granting its citizenship to around 4,000 Bedouins.

However many believe that only a third of them are eligible for   naturalization as the rest hold other nationalities, like Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq but have destroyed their documents.

One Kuwaiti MP Safa Al Hashem has said to local Al Nahar Newspaper: ‘The aim is to help Kuwaitis find jobs in light of the increase of the number of foreigners in the country to the triple of the nationals’. ‘There is an urgent need to ensure that the e-government provides the real needs of large companies for foreigners. We cannot continue to rely on estimates that have caused a horrible demographic chaos’, she added.

The country has already took relevant steps to reduce the numbers of expats coming for work.

The expats can no longer bring their families to Kuwait, except for their parents.

However the tiny Kuwait still greatly relies on imported manpower, which Kuwaiti lawmakers are seeking to regulate and heavily tax in the future.

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