London taxis are mocked for Emirati diva’s adverts

Adverts for the concert of the Abu Dhabi-born diva Ahlam, who performs at the London Palladium on 6th August, can be currently seen on London’s Black cabs.

However, the campaign for her show has triggered some ironic comments from Saudi users on social media, who were quick to link it to a recent false media story on Al Jazeera.


Less than a month ago, the news channel claimed that a London transport campaign has been organised in solidarity with Qatar, after its Gulf neighbours and Egypt decided to cut off ties over the country’s alleged support for terror groups.

The cabs’ call for lifting the blockade against the people of Qatar turned out to be a paid advertising campaign.


Twitterers used Ahlam’s advertising campaign to mock the singer herself as well, sarcastically suggesting that as long as she can cover London taxis with adverts, this surely expresses support.


Despite her popularity on Twitter, where she has over 8 million followers, Ahlam is often attacked on social media.

Last year she hosted a reality TV show “The Queen”, which was axed by Dubai TV following an episode where contestants had to explain how much they love her and the things that they are ready to do for her.


Viewers quickly took to social media calling for the show to be cancelled and for the arrogant “queen” to be “dethroned”.

After a Lebanese comedian made fun of the self-loving diva, Ahlam hit back calling Lebanese people “falafel-sellers” and “beggars”, prompting a Twitter hashtag #BanAhlamFromLebanon to have her banned from entering Lebanon.

‘Ahlam deserves this online pulverising’


‘Lebanon is higher than her’


The 48-year old artist released her tenth album ‘Hatha Ana’ in 2009. Ahlam is married to a famous Qatari rally champion, Mubarak Al-Hajiri, she has three children.

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