Ordinary Egyptian woman who speaks on your behalf

Filmmaker and vlogger Fatma Abd el-Salam, decided to open up about her thoughts on women’s issues in the Middle East through sarcastic videos via her personal social media account.

فيلم (ناقص واحد) فيلم عن الحب و الفراق.(- 1) A film About #truelove #relationshipgoals48 Hour Film ProjectThe Cairo 48 Hour Film Project

Posted by Fatma Abd Alsalam on Samstag, 19. November 2016


After her videos became popular, she said that she started discussing further social issues on her public fan page, that currently holds over 100 thousand fans.

Her short videos are about love, humour, family life, people’s relationships, self-reflection and more.

She shares her views with social media followers though discussions, comments, comedy pieces or short stunts. 


Self-publisher, she prefers to ‘talk to social media rather than talking to herself’. That is how she started her YouTube Channel.

Her first videos were mostly devoted to ladies’ issues. But after they scaled to thousands views, she decided to concentrate on both genders.

Her sexism in advertising-video was viewed over 700,000 times on Facebook.


She characterizes herself as a very down to earth-woman who values respectful relationship over an expensive wedding ring.
In her videos she often appears in plain clothes and without makeup, playing herself- an ordinary real woman.

٣-أسرار الجمال – ازاي تكوني شبه نجمات السينما في ٣ خطوات

كلام بديهي ٣- أسرار الجمال – ازاي تكوني شبه نجمات السينما في ٣ خطوات#كلام_بديهي #خطوة

Posted by Fatma Abd Alsalam on Sonntag, 2. April 2017

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