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Egypt’s jellyfish invasion

According to numerous posts on social media, Egypt north coast has been invaded by hordes of jellyfish that spoilt the vacations of many. Many justifications were given for the phenomenon including the indirect effect of the new branch of the…


A refugee nobody would bury

A Lebanese woman shared her son’s grave space with a Syrian boy killed in a fire in a refugee camp. The picture of the woman digging a grave of her deceased son appeared on social media, posted by Refugees Without Borders with the…


Why Muslims hate doughnuts?

Hashtags #Muslims hate #doughnuts have been widely circulated on social media as a humorous response of Muslim community to Islamophobic taunts. The doubts of doughnuts not being halal have been sporadically twitted about before, with some even suggesting to burn the…


Why you shouldn’t shave your face

Meet Harnaam Kaur- a 26-year-old former teaching assistant from Slough in Berkshire, body confidence campaigner… and world first full-bearded Guinness record holder-LADY!  Harnaam, or so-called ‘bearded lady’, first noticed her hair sprouting on her face, back, chest and arms as early as…


What Moroccan police fight in sea?

Video clips and photos purportedly showing Moroccan riot police standing in the sea in full gear have prompted sarcastic reactions by social media users. Moroccans on Facebook said that the police were deployed to stop a beach protest in Al-Hoceima…


Will you Boycott Qatari Harrods?

An Arabic hashtag named #مقاطعه_هارودز_القطري  or “#Boycott Qatari Harrods” is top trending in Qatar and worldwide, attracting up to 19,000 tweets in 24 hours. Users mock a call by an Emirati official to boycott Qatari-owned Harrods store. The chairman of the…


Egypt secret sweet war

An Arabic hashtag named كحك الجيش# or “Army’s Eid cookies” is trending in Egypt, garnering 7,700 tweets in about 12 hours. Users poke fun at the army’s involvement in producing Eid cookies. The Egyptian government has blocked #EgyptTurmoil Alscene website, after…


Harry Potter turns 20!

It’s 20 years since the publication of first book of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling that began one of the most successful book and film in the modern literature. The hashtag #HarryPotter20 has been circulated on…


Kuwaiti song goes viral

نظراً للظروف السياسية الاستثنائية التي تمر بها دول مجلس التعاون الخليجية، والتي تستدعي لحمة شعوب هذه الدول، وإنطلاقاً من سمات وعادات ولهجات هذه الشعوب المتقاربة، نحاول أن نستغل هذه القاعدة المشتركة لتذكير من نسي أو تناسى عمق الروابط الاجتماعية بين…


Be trendy and #Wear_Algerian_in_Eid

Around the world Muslims observing the post-Ramadan holiday, and particularly their children, traditionally wear new clothes or dress up for the occasion. البس_جزايري_في_العيد# or  #Wear_Algerian_in_Eid is trending this Eid Al Fitr on social media, where a lot of users are calling…


Assala Nasri and cocaine in a makeup bag

*A Syrian star singer Aasala Nasri was arrested in Beirut Airport after cocaine was found in her makeup bag *According to Lebanese newspaper an-Nahar, Basri was arrested on Monday, June 26, in Rafic Hariri International Airport as she headed to Cairo *The singer was…

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