Saudi prince arrested over citizens’ abuse

A Saudi prince has been arrested over his alleged involvement in physical and verbal abuse of several people that was caught on video.

King Salman ordered his immediate arrest after the videos emerged online and went viral, becoming the most trended topic across the entire Arab world.

Frightened men are shown in a series of disturbing videos flinching from physical and verbal abuse – mostly filmed from the point of view of the aggressor.

In one, a bloodied man slumped in his car is screamed at for parking in the wrong place.

In another, the perpetrator of the violence is seen – a tall young man with long black hair, who alternately kicks and pummels a man cowering in a chair. This is allegedly the young Saudi prince.

Saudi prince arrested over citizens' abuse

Source: Twitter

Leaked footage of his subsequent arrest shows what seems to be the same man.

The videos provoked intense outrage not just in Saudi Arabia but across the Arab world.

Several of the victims are reported to be men who work for the prince. King Salman’s order for his immediate arrest stressed that no-one was above the law – no matter their status.

Saudi prince arrested over citizens' abuse

This is important in a country where it’s estimated there are some fifteen thousand members of the extended royal family.

There’ve been scandals and scurrilous rumours before and some have resulted in punishment.

Just last year, another prince was executed after being found guilty of murder. With austerity now being demanded of ordinary Saudis as the country faces an uncertain future with diminished oil revenues, the license for royal indulgence is shrinking. 

‘The speed of the decisions is proof that the king is close to the people in all matters’



A hashtag  or ‘#Saudi print attacks citizens’ has been widely circulated on social media.


Yemeni victim of the prince gives details of his ordeal 


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