This kunafah made it to the Guiness book. Here’s why

A 78-meter-long kunafah was prepared this summer to commemorate the 78th year of the southern border province of Hatay as part of Turkey. The province is the dessert’s historic homeland.


 Did you try 78-meter-long birthday kunafah?


The dessert weighted around 1,5 tons and was 78-meter-long. The organisers used 600 kg of shredded wheat, 300 kg of cheese, 450 kg of sugar and 200 kg of butter to prepare it.

Kanafah, a very popular Middle Eastern cheese pastry soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup, differs from country to country.


 Did you try 78-meter-long birthday kunafah?


It is not the first attempt to cook the largest-ever kunafah. The plate of the delicacy of 75 meters long, two meters wide, and 1,350 kg heavy was cooked in 2009 in Nablus, West Bank, Palestine.

Other records from the Middle Eastern culinary include the world’s longest shish kebab (160 meters) in Ukraine and longest shawarma (121 meters) in Bangalore, India.



Source: NTDTV


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