Why are Arab men emotionally stupid?

Why are men emotionally stupid?‘#Why are men emotionally stupid?’ is a trending hashtag in the Arab world, attracting more than 45,259 tweets over the past few hours.

The topic is not new and has been occupying brains and agendas of many for long.

However even scientists find it difficult to provide any explanation as to why men can’t be emotionally as supportive as women in an emotional crisis.

Many just want to ignore and hasten on to the new thing, others might feel showing emotions is not masculine or not what is expected from them by the society.

The brightest example is a case of BBC’s economics editor Robert Peston, who lost his wife to a lung cancer. He later confessed he felt frustrated that the most of emotional support from his male peers made him feel awkward.

Many just said: “You’ll get over it..’.

Why are men emotionally stupid?

According to John Gray’s relashionship study called ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’, gender imbalance resembles war versus love. He draws a comparison between a desire to lead versus a desire to guide.

Many men prefer suppressing emotions rather than embracing them, as women do.

Neuroscientists discovered that in stressful situation men often offer self-centered resolutions, not particularly tailored to individual needs.

Whereas women try to cope with stress by being more open  to others, thus talk more.

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Why are men emotionally stupid?

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Why are men emotionally stupid?

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Why are men emotionally stupid?

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Why are men emotionally stupid?


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