World Emoji day: What is your favourite Emoji?

World Emoji day: What is your favourite Emoji?July 17 is World Emoji Day. Emojis are colourful symbols used in nearly 6 bln instant messages and chats daily to express emotions.

The Unicode Standard List of emojis contains 2,666 symbols to choose from.

However such companies like Apple and Google can even create their own emoji versions.

The creators of the List consider hundreds of applications for new symbols every year.

Some celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kin Kardashian eWorld Emoji day: What is your favourite Emoji?ven have their own emojis, known as Kimojis and Justmojis.

However the Unicode Standard List developers warn that they are just stickers and might have certain limitations in usage.

First Emoji- ‘the Smiley Face’ appeared in 1990s. It were created by Franklin Loufrani, the editor of France-Soir newspaper, who used ‘The Smiley Face’ to highlight happy new stories.

He copyrighted the image and his Smiley Company is now earning over $130,000 million a year for worldwide usage of the symbol.

World Emoji day: What is your favourite Emoji?

According to a keyboard film Swiftkey, that analysed 400 million of ’emoji data’, the top three emojis used in the UK are a red heart, a face blowing a heart-kiss and a face crying with laughter.

Royal Opera House is celebrating the World Emoji Day by tweeting its operas’ puzzles using only emojis. Those who guess the operas will have a chance to win a couple of opera tickets.

Many happy emoji returns!

And this one?

World Emoji day: What is your favourite Emoji?



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